Luke 21:25-38 Watch for signs and respond

Thankful for the faithful preaching through this sobering text. Lian Arn gave an analogy of sailing and watching the wind. While he was at his sailing lesson, he realized that he could not physically see wind but he could see the signs. After seeing these signs, he needed to respond and adjust the sails accordingly. Not responding well lead him not to his intended destination.

Similarly, 2 observations could be made in today’s text.

1. There will be signs. (V25). Detect them.

Our tribulations and trials that we see around us, not just those that affect us directly, are a harbinger of the final judgment by Jesus. They are signs meant to draw our attention to Christ.

2. Respond to the signs (V34)

After identifying signs, we need to watch our heart responses to these signs. How are we stewarding our resources of time, money, relationships, opportunities? Are we complacent with his Word?

Watch and Respond

My application

  • It’s encouraging to know that God is gracious to give us these signs to prevent us from being distracted away from Him. If life is smooth sailing, I will tend to sit back, relax and take what God has given me for granted.
  • Now that I know why God has allowed these signs, I’m encouraged to respond wisely. I need to submit to his will to steward my time, finances and oppurtunities towards things of eternal value.

Father, help me respond to these signs you have graciously given us!

Church: Redemption Hill Church

Preacher: Lim Lian Arn

These notes are a summation of truths taught by the Preacher and my reflections from the sermon. It does not reflect the full message and intention of the Peacher.

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