Genesis 35:11 Do it because I am God

The way God sometimes speaks to His people can be really offensive if we do not grasp the full meaning of who He is.

If my Professor tells me “I am Professor of Medicine: go and do this set of PowerPoint slides”. I wonder what my response will be! Even if I do not say it, I will definitely be thinking that this guy must be so full of himself. So proud and arrogant!

Yet with God, it must be different. He is the only one who can demand such respect. It is because my desires and motives should stem from Him and his attributes. What I want to do should not be based on my circumstance but solely on who God is. He has spoken, why do I need more? Yet I find myself always looking for more in my circumstances.

Sometimes, as I am faced with a decision to do or say something for someone, I find myself thinking why should I when the other person has not reciprocated in the past? And at this point I find myself hinging my decision to “love my neighbor” on my neighbor’s response. But God is saying here – love your neighbor because I am God. Period. It does not matter what is the attitude of my patient, my friend, my relatives. But do as commanded because He is God.

This is not easy to swallow. It convicts me of my deep roots in sin. Thankfully with the grace of God, I have been forgiven and my guilt is washed away. And I’m free now once again to pursue holiness.

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Running to Truth.

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