Luke 22:31-34, 54-62 Peter’s Denial of Jesus

Thank God for the faithful preaching of the word here at Redemption Hill Church. Amazing text today from the Book of Luke.

My key take away are:

  1. Satan exists. This fact is so clear from verse 31, where Satan demanded from God for Peter to sift him.
  2. Satan will sift everyone. There will be tribulations (Cf. John 16:33). Beautifully pointed out by Pastor Edward, the Greek word for “you” is plural in verse 31. This means that Luke is trying to convey that Satan is out to sift every disciple. But subsequently, as Jesus turned his attention to Simon, the word “you” was singular in verse 32, referring to his eventual becoming of the leader of the Apostles.
  3. Jesus interestingly prays not to protect us from trials (Cf. Phil 1:6) but to preserve us through the trials. There is no prosperity gospel, no definite healing of illness or bankruptcy. But that through the cancer and the bankruptcy, our faith will not fail.
  4. Eventually, Peter denied Jesus not once but thrice. The sin of Peter boils down to the choice of who we deny when the push comes to a shove. We often choose to deny Jesus rather than deny ourselves.

Final Reflections

  • Like Peter, Great sins can accompany true faith (Cf 1Jo 1:8), but it does not excuse sin (Cf Rom 6:1)
  • Jesus is the one who preserves the faith of His sheep. (cf Jud 24)
  • Jesus protects us not from trials but preserves us through trials.
  • We will(not may) emerge from trials by the preservation of Jesus through his prayer so that we can strengthen others
  • Satan exploits our weaknesses. Jesus preserves us through His prayer.

My Application

Clearly, Satan had also asked Jesus if he could sift me in my trials, and it helps to know that God has allowed it. He guarantees my faith will never fail! I mean, if I know going into an exam that I won’t fail, surely I can rejoice better, even though during the paper I stumble over a few questions? He even gives me clarity on what to do after getting through my trial! How much more information do I need to be contented? I ought to ask myself this question.

Father I pray that you help these truths sink into my heart and allow me to apply them in my struggles.

Church: Redemption Hill Church

Preacher: Edward Sim

These notes are a summation of truths taught by the Preacher and my reflections from the sermon. It does not reflect the full message and intention of the Peacher.

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