Luke 22:35-53 The Hour and Power of Darkness

I thank Simon for delivering such a faithful message, speaking directly into my life. Life is full of challenges and sometimes indeed setbacks come on in waves. God’s word in these passages reminds me to process these challenges with the lens of scripture so that I know the truth behind these challenges and their purposes.

All of us hold by the familiar adage that “there must be a purpose for everything .” This proverb is 100% true. But what is this purpose? I used to conjure up a purpose for myself with my imagination, but now I have the concrete truth in scripture.

Simon succinctly gave us 4 points to consider today.

1. Hour of darkness

  • These hours of darkness are trials that we face and can come in various forms and duration
  • The epitome of trials is that of Jesus going to the cross because he bore the sins of the whole world. His depth of being tempted is more profound and richer than any human.

2. Power of Darkness

  • The enemy uses these hours of darkness to draw us away from God by lulling us either into hopelessness (sleeping the sorrow away) or a wild reaction (Simon cutting off Malchus’ ear) to it.
  • The root of both these responses is an atheistic impulse, shutting God out of our trials

3. Light in Darkness

  • Jesus models how we should approach these hours of darkness in our lives, by processing it with God through prayer and His Word.

4. Power in Darkness

  • Because of what Jesus have done on the cross, Jesus intercedes for us today in our trials in 2 ways
    • Either by removing our trials if it’s his will
    • Or he provides strength via sending of angels (cf. Heb 1:14)

If we have repented of our sins and believe that Jesus has taken our cup of judgment for us on the cross, then we will have access to the Light and Power in Darkness. Without repentance and faith, we are left with only the eternality and power of darkness without hope.

My Application

Having accepted Christ, I need to remember that both the light and power in darkness are available to me. I ought not to despair but live on hope. When I forget these truths, I find myself struggling with my emotions. It also reminds me that even when I feel that I’m coping well, it is worth considering how I am processing these trials. Am I engaging in activities that a world without God engages in when faced with such challenges? Such as dealing with it without God like a problem to be solved, sleeping the pain away, distracting myself from it by indulging in Netflix, social media, or putting my head down at work to seek for power, success and influence. It is a worthwhile reminder that though such activities win themselves are not bad but to pursue them without God is simply idolatry and replace God with self.

This sermon has given me much to think about, and I hope you consider watching it.

Church: Redemption Hill Church

These notes are a summation of truths taught by the Preacher and my reflections from the sermon. It does not reflect the full message and intention of the Peacher.

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