#1 Taxi Driver on Staycation

The conversation started with me asking him if has just started his shift. He told me that he is on a staycation with his wife, spending his Re-discover Singapore Vouchers. He said he was bored and he is not one of those who use the hotel facilities extensively, so he asked permission from his wife to go out driving.

Me: “You have been driving for many years. Have passengers ever told you about Jesus Christ?”

Driver: (Thinking about it) “No. but my friend who is female, yes. Haha. Her husband also not a believer. Together with him, we always make fun of her. Haha.

Me: “I see, so what do you believe?”

Driver: “I am a Chinese. So, therefore, I go to the temple, you know, we follow our parents, and you know every time during Chinese New Year, there’s a big festival, and we go there.

Me: ”So are you doing that so that you do not go to hell?

Driver: (Quick to respond) “No, no. I do that, just to pray for safety. I know you Christians, always talk about the afterlife.”

Me: “Yes, that’s true, cus we believe in it. Ok. So you do not believe in the afterlife?”

Driver: “That one, yes. To go heaven, it is our daily actions. We try to be kind.

Me: “I see. Do you think you’re a good person?

Driver: “Me? I think I am average, la.”

Me: “Ok. The Bible says lying is wrong. Have you ever told a lie?”

Driver: “Yes, la. When younger”

Me: “Steal something?”

Driver: “Yes, when younger also.

Me: “Jesus says that when we look at a woman with lust, it is considered adultery. (Mat 5:28) Have you ever done so?”

Driver: “Yes, all the time. Haha. Even today”

Me: “Ok. So based on your admission, you are a lying, thieving adulterer. If God were to judge you, where do you suppose you will go? Heaven or Hell?”

Driver: “But I don’t believe in your God what.”

Me: “Assuming la, haha.”

Driver: “Heaven”

Me: “But you just said you are lying, thieving, adulterer. How to go heaven?”

Driver: “You see, the lying is when young, I also steal things when young. Adulterous. Ok, la this one till now. Haha. So ok, go Hell. But then I don’t believe in your God what.

Me: “Ok, but let me tell you the good news. The bad news is that, indeed, all of us are destined to go to hell—me and You. We have all committed these wrongdoings. And what happened is that God sent his son to earth. He did not commit any sins but He was killed on the cross. When that happened, and when we believe in Him, all our sins are forgiven. The analogy is this – Maybe you are fined for speeding ok. And the judge say, ok, your fines have been paid for. I pay for you. Same thing, your fines for your sins has been paid by Jesus.

At this point, I am 30seconds from being dropped of. And thus I ended off the conversation.

Me: “You have been very kind to listen to a stranger for so long. But I just need to address one more thing. If a murderer was being sentenced to the electric chair by the judge, and his response is ‘I do not believe in the Electric Chair, it doesn’t make sense. The reality is more important than what we believe. So even though you claim that you do not believe, it does not mean you will not bear the consequences as said in the Bible. Will you think about what I said?

Driver: “Thank you. I will. I am open minded.”

Father, I pray for this soul to allow Your words to sink into his heart and may you bring him to the saving knowledge of your Son, Jesus Christ.

I frequently take the Taxi to work. My activity of comfort is usually to plug in my headphones and listen to sermon podcasts. But I have been moved by the Spirit to spend this time in talking to the driver in 7minutes. I have recently been exposed to the works of Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministries and they desmonstrate a model of evangelism that is faithful to the gospel. Do check them out if interested.

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