#2 Taxi Driver: “Everybody Also”

Had one of my most enjoyable conversations with my driver today. He accepted my call request within seconds, and he was just downstairs upon my booking. That made a great conversational starter. He tells me that in today’s climate, one earns about $10 an hour, not like in the past driving Grab. There are no more incentives, unlike in the past, when you introduce someone, you get $1000. Nevertheless, I had 7minutes from pick up to drop off and “Now Counts Forever.”

Me: “So you have been driving for so many years. Has anyone told you about Jesus Christ?”

Him: “Aiyah. My whole family Christian. My wife brings me to church. I fall asleep there. Haha”

Me: “Why leh? You do not believe?”

Him: “Not that I do not believe. But from young, I have been brought up to go to Temple.”

Me: “You mean cannot change ah?”

Him: “No, just that….. I don’t know…. Maybe I don’t comprehend.”

[God’s Commandments]

Me: “Ok let me ask you. Are you a good person?”

Him: “Me, I think I’m a pretty good person. You know I don’t lie. I don’t steal, I don’t murder. I’m a pretty good person.”

Me: “Ok wait. You never tell lies ah?

Him: “Ok la have. But everybody tells lies.”

Me: “You confirm never steal things? Even small things? Small things also considered stealing.

Him: “Like that ah… maybe have.

Me: “So how about, have you ever looked at a woman with lust? That is called adultery in the Bible.

Him: (with zest) “haha. that one everyone has la. That is called adultery? That’s ridiculous man. Everybody does it. Well, but you see I don’t murder, you know, so I’m pretty good enough.”

Me: “Have you hated a person before?”

Him: “Have. Everybody also have”

Me: “Ok according to Jesus, that is murder”

Him: “That’s crazy. Ridiculous. Like that everybody not a good person”

[God’s Judgement]

Me: “Haha. Exactly. So now based on this, are you guilty or not? Heaven or hell?”

Him: “Based on those, then I am not a good person. Hell. But Wait. When I go see the girl and I pay money, that is consensual. She also wants it. Why only I go to hell?”

Me: “Well both are guilty – you are right. But maybe your standard is too low now. I said even when you look only, it is considered adultery. God standards are very high”

Him: “That’s crazy la. My standards is in my heart, I don’t follow His standards. I think that is ridiculous”

Me: “I ask you. If you commit a crime and you are in a court room and the judge says you have broken the law. Can you reply him that his standard is ridiculous and that you only follow the standard in your heart?

Him: ….


Me: “Exactly. Based on these standards, both of us are guilty. 100%. Do you know what Jesus did for you?

Him: “That one I know la”

Me: “Ok let me tell you quickly. God is love and God is just. He needs to punish the wrong doers but He does not want to punish all. So He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth, not break a single law and then was killed on the cross. When He did so, He cried “It is finished”, meaning the fine has been paid. If you believe in Him, your guilt is washed away.

Him: “That one I know, but sounds ridiculous”

Me: “Thanks so much for listening to me. I know you may not understand but I am very concerned for your soul Ok. Can you go back think about it?

Him: “Sure I will”

Me : “Ok ask your children and your wife also if not clear. You can ask them which verses say that if you see women it is adultery. Haha.

Him: “Haha. OK!”

Father, this soul is so near to you and his loving wife brings him to church. May You let You words come alive to Him and save His soul.

I frequently take the Taxi to work. My activity of comfort is usually to plug in my headphones and listen to sermon podcasts. But I have been moved by the Spirit to spend this time in talking to the driver in 7 minutes. I have recently been exposed to the works of Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministries and they desmonstrate a model of evangelism that is faithful to the gospel. Do check them out if interested.

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