Exo 12:36 Favor in the Sight of Others

This text is interesting because it clearly shows me that favor in people’s sight needs to be “given.” It is a gift from God. Here we see a clear, extreme example of such a gift. Egyptians who hated Israelites suddenly showed extreme favor to them, even giving them all their silver and gold jewelry and clothing, so much so that scripture recorded that they “plundered” the Egyptians. What this shows to me is that God can take the extreme hatred and turn it into favor.

We don’t often have people hating us to such an extent, yet we have experienced how we had favour in others’ sight. In other words, we do not face such polarity in our relationship. So if God can turn such polar relationships into favor, surely he can turn our less polar relationships from animosity to favor. I experienced such favor in several facets of my life – how I was given a scholarship, how I was conferred the NUS Sportsman the year several times, to name a few. In retrospect, such were people and committee showing favor to me.

But this text is a mirror that makes me dig deeper into my heart. Do I see such favor as a Gift, or do I see them as a natural result of my hard work? Admittedly, I think more often the latter. I pride myself on being the athlete I am. I pride myself on being “on the ball.” I pride myself instead of God for these acts of favor. In other words, I simply take pride in myself for too much.

Scripture is clear that favor in the sight of any is a Gift. And I pray that the Spirit will remind me when I forget yet again that such is a Gift from Him.

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