#3 “Don’t worry about me going to Hell”

Today’s conversation was one full of laughter and zest. Mr Lau was just an enthusiastic conversationalist who could not seem to stop. And because of time constraints, I had to interject at crucial points to bring him back to the conversation. It was an interesting one.

I boarded his cab with a prayer for courage and wisdom. I started by asking how is business now? I learnt from him that Prime Taxi has started using the Grab taxi booking system because it is more efficient. Thus he says his business is better now. I rejoiced along with him. My usual opening led me into the conversation easily and smoothly.

Me: “You drive so many years, has anyone asked you about Jesus Christ?”

Lau: “Yes of course. My wife is a christian. She was a christian before we got married”

Me: “So you don’t believe ah?”

Lau: “It’s not that I do not believe, but each to his own. If you are a Christian, then you will believe. If you are not, then you won’t believe. I am a buddhist, so I don’t believe.”

Me: “ I see, but do you think you are a good person?”

Lau: “Of course yes I am a good person, I do not do anyone any harm.”

Me: “I see have you ever told lies?”

Lau : ”Of course yes. But you know, lies may not be harmful ok. For example, a person dying due to cancer. If you comfort him and not tell him he has cancer, then it’s not wrong.”

Me: “Sure. But you and I know most of our lies are not of this nature right?”

Lau: “Hmm. Yes ok.”

Me: “Have you ever stolen something?”

Lau: “Yes when younger. When I was in secondary school, I stole something from the stationary store. But after that I regret. I thought of the potential consequences of what I did and I was very sorry.

Me: “Ok, but you stole something. You cannot tell the court of law 10 years after being convicted of a crime and said you regretted it then and expect to be let off the hook ya. Have you looked at lust at a women? Jesus says that lusting is equivalent to adultery”

Lau: “Haha. Yes of course. You have eyes I have eyes, we all do that.”

Me: “Haha. Indeed. So I without me judging you, you have admitted that you are a liar, thief and an adulterer. If there is a heaven and hell where will you go?

Lau: “You say until like that, sure is hell”

Me: “So are you concerned about it?”

Lau : “No la. I am not concerned about it, Hell then hell la. “

Me: “Ok do you know what God did so that you need not go to Hell?”

Lau: “No”

Me: “Ok let me tell you quickly. God is love and God is just. He needs to punish the wrong doers but He does not want to punish all. So He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth, not break a single law and then was killed on the cross. When He did so, He cried “It is finished”, meaning the fine has been paid. If you believe in Him, your guilt is washed away.”

Lau: “But I am ok going to hell”

Me: “Sir, I am a doctor. I have seen patients with an obvious cancer but yet when I tell them that treatment is available and they should go for it, they also give the same reply “Don’t worry about me I am ok to die”. It is my moral obligation, it is within my conscience to advice them sincerely. It’s the same thing here. I am concerned for you.”

Lau: “Those with cancer, you know why they are ok? It is because they accept their fate. So they do not mind not going for treatment.

Me: “I agree with you. I do not force them to go for surgery. But the cancer is only going to affect them a short while before it takes their life away. But what we are talking about here affects your eternity. That is why I am concerned about your decision.”

Lau: “I am not worried. Why you worry for me?”

Me: “I think like when we advice a patient, we cannot force him or her to undergo surgery. We lay out the pros and cons and allow him to decide. It is also the same here. Like I said I am concerned for your soul. But nevertheless thanks for talking to me. Will you think about it?

Lau: “Yes. Haha. We chit chat la ok. Don’t be offended”

Subsequently, the driver continued his conversation with me regarding how the COVID virus shows that God does not exist. It was an interesting one.

Father, I pray for this gentleman to come to the saving knowledge of you, to understand what you have done for us on the cross.

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