Exo 14:11 Forgetting and Blaming God

They said to Moses, “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt?

Exo 14:11

The Holy Spirit records the sarcasm that the people of Israel spoke with to Moses, a messenger of God. We need to read this in context. The Israelites had just seen with their own eyes the ten miracles that God did through Moses. The final one being the Passover. They saw and heard with their own eyes how the scientific impossibility of only all of the firstborn of a community killed with the rest spared, executed remotely without drugs and weaponry, and at the same time. They survived by listening to the instructions of God through Moses.

Yet, soon after, when they faced hardship and the looming threats of the Pharaoh coming, they seemed to have forgotten what they have literally just experienced, and they succumb to fear.

Not only did they fear, but they blamed God for bringing them out. They pointed fingers at God for putting them in this predicament.

Why so? It is because we have short term memory. Like the Israelites, we forgot what Jesus has done for us on the cross and then we see the struggles we have today and somehow blame God for them.

Have we ever felt this way? We may not be so vocal in our blaming of God but do we think this way in our hearts? I tend to forget the goodness of God quickly. I forget how much He has given me that is waiting for me in eternity, and yet I look at the present and feel bitter that it is not going according to my plan. It is frequently all about me, myself and I. When I forget what He has done, then obviously, I will not remember what He can do and what He has promised already.

It is frequently all about me, myself and I.

The natural question to address is then, “how can I remember better?” Peter and Paul often use the word “remind” (2Tim 1:6, 2Pet 1:12) in their letters. Clearly, my issue of forgetting is not a novel one. It is one that Christians battled with from day one. We are all forgetful people. Through them, Peter and Paul know that too, and the Spirit has given us the Scripture to be reminded of what God has done on the cross to redeem us from death and into life.

Such is what I want to meditate on forever.

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