#4 “All religions are the same”

Today I did more listening than speaking. I first learned that driving Grab Car is hard work. Mr Ang told me that on a Sunday, he drove for 10 hours, and after taking into account rental and petrol, he only earned $40! He said to me on the good days, he can make about $10 an hour, but that requires hard work and minimal breaks.

Just like how in a doctor’s clinic, one must, at some point, stop talking about the weather and asked if the patient has undergone his health screening, I started by asking if his passengers have spoken to him about Jesus Christ.

Ang: “Sure have. I am a Buddhist. But if you don’t mind, let me tell you about religions. They are all the same because they teach you to do good. No faith is bad. I worship Buddha, Jesus, Hindu God; they are all the same.

Me: “Ok. But let me ask you if you are a good person?”

Ang: “Of course, I am not a good person. if I were a good person, I would be God. “

Me: “You are right. The Bible says, then none of us are good people. You lie, steal and commit adultery with your eyes right. If you agree we are a liar, thief, and adulterer based on God’s standards, then will you go to Heaven or Hell?

Ang: “Sure is Hell”

Me: “But do you know what is the good news of Christianity?”

Ang: “No, you say.”

Me: “Ok, let me tell you quickly. God is love, and God is just. He needs to punish the wrongdoers, but He does not want to punish all. So He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth, not break a single law, and then was killed on the cross. When He did so, He cried, “It is finished,” meaning the fine has been paid. If you believe in Him, your sins are forgiven.”

Ang: “But that’s what the Christian Bible says, well you think about it, the Hindu they do the Thaipussam and they feel no pain with the needles in their body. The Hindu God is real as well because they feel no pain. So how can you say that one is real, or the other.”

Me: “I see. Let me just share one thing. All the great religions in the world that you mentioned have one thing in common that is the direct opposite to the good news I just shared. They are what is known as “works righteousness”, meaning, they teach that one must do something to make it to Heaven. But like I shared and which you agreed, that no one is good and can meet God’s standards of perfection no matter how hard we try. And thus the good news of Christianity is that it is not about working our way in to heaven but only through the faith in Jesus.

Ang: “I also have a cousin who was a Buddhist, and he became a Christian. I see a massive change in his life and attitude. He is also a Grab Driver. He seems to have to have this joy in him, even though we both have these challenges with earning money from driving. But then I also see others who became Buddhists and changed. So again, I cannot be sure.

Me: “I see. Do you have a bible? “

Ang: “Yes, I have”

Me: “You should go take a look and also chat with your cousin about it, ok?”

Ang: “Thank you ah. Hope you not offended.”

Father, we pray for Mr Ang for him to know about You through his family.

I frequently take the Taxi to work. My activity of comfort is usually to plug in my headphones and listen to sermon podcasts. But I have been moved by the Spirit to spend this time in talking to the driver in 7 minutes. I have recently been exposed to the works of Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministries and they desmonstrate a model of evangelism that is faithful to the gospel. Do check them out if interested.

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