Luke 24:1-12 Antidote to Perplexity, Fear and Dismay

As I read Luke 24:1-12 in preparation for this weekend’s sermon at Redemption Hill Church, I am blown away by the clarity of God’s word. In these short 12 verses, the Spirit tells me:

  1. The reason for our perplexity, fear, and dismay
  2. The solution to these emotions is to remember God’s words
  3. Remembering God’s word is not enough. there are two responses after remembering God’s word
    • If we read them as if they are “idle tales” and not believe in them, then it will not have any impact on our lives
    • However, if we remember His word and believe in them, it will leave us “marveling” like Peter.

1. The reason for Perplexity, Fear and Dismay

It is recorded that Joseph and his men were perplexed, frightened, and had their faces bowed to the ground when they went to Jesus’ tomb, planning to embalm him and see Him missing. (v 4-5). The reason is that they have forgotten what Jesus has said.

2. Solution is to Remember what Jesus said.

Two men, dressed in dazzling apparel, clearly some divine beings/ angels, appeared and addressed their emotions by asking them to remember what Jesus had said. (V6) Once they remember (v8) that what they are witnessing has already been prophesied by Jesus Himself, they stop letting their emotions of fear, perplexity, and dismay hinder their action. In other words, truth dictated their action, not their feelings. They proceeded to “tell these things to the eleven disciples and the rest” (v8).

3. Two possible responses after remembering God’s truth.

  1. We can receive it as “idle tales” and not believe in them. The result of this is unbelief and a lack of joy. (v11)
  2. We can be like Peter who believed in it. The result of this is the sense of marveling and awe at God’s work (v12)


These verses have profound applications in my life. Am I experiencing fear, perplexity, and dismay in my life? Of course. I have such emotions at work, in my marriage, and parenting. All of us do. This text clarifies that I am to approach such feelings by remembering what God has said about such challenges. Let me remember John 16:33, where Jesus clearly states that I will have tribulations in this world. Just like Joseph’s men, knowing that the trials I am experiencing are not out of God’s control but perfectly foreknown by Him, I am to remember he is in perfect control of these situations and thus focus on taking action and not be emotionally driven. When the subsequent truths of Rom 8:28 come into the picture, that “all things (including trials and tribulations) God works for the good of those who love him.” Am I merely reciting this like a memorable phrase, or do I believe in it wholeheartedly? If I find myself not marveling at this truth like Peter, today’s text is telling me that to some extent, I do harbor doubts on His Word.

Father, help me believe in You wholeheartedly. Remove all doubts that I have in your Word and make me marvel at You once again.

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