#5 “From young, I know I am not a good person.”

Today’s conversation gave me a glimmer of hope. I started the conversation by asking him how business is, and Mr. Ong said it is terrible. He used to drive the regular taxi but transited to driving Grab, and he admits that it was much better in the past.

Nevertheless, I started to share the gospel.

Me: Has anyone shared with you about Jesus Christ in your years of driving the taxi?

Ong: Of course. My wife goes to church, and sometimes I go with her.

Me: So, do you believe?

Ong: It’s not that I don’t believe. But everyone can choose to accept what they want.

Me: Okay, then do you know the good news of Christianity.

Ong: No, I don’t know.

Me: If you don’t mind me, let me tell you the good news. But first, let me ask you if you think you are a good person?

Ong: I know from young I’ve always been a bad person.

Me: Absolutely, the Bible says we all are. Do you lie?

Ong: Of course.

Me: Do you steal? Even small things?

Ong: Yes, when younger, I did.

Me: Do you look at a women and…

Ong: [Before I could complete] Of course.

Me: Exactly, The Bible says that when God judges us based on the 10 commandments, all of us cannot meet His standard. And therefore, we are all destined for eternal punishment. So if God judges us based on this, where do you think you will go.

Ong: Hell.

Me: Correct. But do you know what the good news of Jesus Christ is?

Ong: No.

Me: Ok, let me tell you quickly. God is love, and God is just. He needs to punish the wrongdoers, but He does not want to punish all. So He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth, not break a single law, and then was killed on the cross. When He did so, He cried, “It is finished”, meaning the fine has been paid. If you believe in Him, your guilt is washed away.

Him: I don’t think so much, la. Just be happy, you know

Me: You know, I am a doctor and, you know many patients have cancer, and I tell them that their cancer is treatable, but they refuse treatment until it is too late. Like you, they say, “just be happy.”

Him: You know I have a friend with breast cancer. She was told she would die, but then she ended up living for 60 years. So science is not accurate.

Me: Sure, sometimes we get the prognosis wrong. But I am just giving you an analogy, let us not get distracted. I am telling you that you and I have a condition of Sin that is 100% treatable, and I am offering you the solution. You are responding the same way as these cancer patients. Anyway, do you have a bible?

Him: Yes, of course. I have it right now on my phone. Every day, my friends will message me also.

Me: You are very blessed that you have friends who care about your eternity. I am also very concerned for you, that’s why I am spending time talking to you about this. My life has changed 100% Since I came to faith about three years ago.

Him: How did it change?

Me: I think there is so much more clarity in my life now—the meaning of struggles and so on. When humans are faced with uncertainty, and we do not understand the meaning, we are confused.

Him: Such struggles are sure to happen.

Me: Alright, I have to go. But please read the Bible for yourself and pray that God will open your eyes. You can start with the book of John.

Him: Ok, man. Thank you!

Father, Mr Ong is humble at heart and he knows he has failed your 10 commandments. Please open his heart to Your saving grace.

I frequently take the Taxi to work. My activity of comfort is usually to plug in my headphones and listen to sermon podcasts. But I have been moved by the Spirit to spend this time in talking to the driver in 7 minutes. I have recently been exposed to the works of Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministries and they desmonstrate a model of evangelism that is faithful to the gospel. Do check them out if interested.

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2 thoughts on “#5 “From young, I know I am not a good person.”

  1. Hi, I’m Mr Ong too but a different guy.
    You took my taxi few weeks back in the early morning to Ng Teng Fong Hospital.
    Thank you for sharing.


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