#6 “So Far, So Good”

Today was a great conversation with Sunny. His name was apt for his vibe he exuded – he was a sunny, cheerful person. He was openly Buddhist, as evident from the ornaments on his dashboard. Some small talk on how what time he started driving (3 am!), how business is (getting worse), and how many years he has been driving (6 years), I went straight into the gospel.

Me: 6 years – has anyone shared with you the good news of Jesus Christ?

Sunny: Yes but I’m a Buddhist, you know and all religions teach us to do good things.

Me: Alright, what is the purpose of religion then?

Sunny: It is so that God can help us when you’re in trouble.

Me: Absolutely. But how about the life to come? The afterlife?

Sunny: We either go up or go down.

Me: Great. So you believe there is a heaven and hell. The Bible does say so too. So do you know if you are going to heaven or hell?

Sunny: God will help us, you know?

Me: If you don’t mind me asking. Do you think you are a good person?

Sunny: No, I’m not. No one is perfect.

Me: Correct. Me too, right. Have you ever told lies?

Sunny: Yes

Me: Have you ever stolen something?

Sunny: Yes, of course.

Me: The Bible says that looking at a woman with lust is considered adultery. Have you ever done that?

Sunny: Yes, definitely.

Me: So let me ask you, sir. If God judges us by the ten commandments, where are we going?

Sunny: God will teach us how to do the right thing when we do these things

Me: Now, if you imagine you are in a courtroom, and the judge is sentencing you for stealing something. Do you think it is reasonable to say, “You have to teach me?”

Sunny: Hmm… No. He will still punish us.

Me: Exactly. Both of us are headed for hell. But here is the good news of Jesus Christ. God is love, and God is. He needs to punish the wrongdoers, but He does not want to punish all. So He sent His Son Jesus to come to earth, not break a single law, and then was killed on the cross. When He did so, He cried, “It is finished,” meaning the fine has been paid. If you believe in Him, your guilt is washed away. What do you think?

Sunny: So far, so good.

There was silence for half a minute. Because, unlike my past few rides, Sunny had no “arguments” against this good news.

Me: So you have friends who are Christians?

Sunny: Have, my neighbor.

Me: Ok, Sunny, thanks for listening to me. Will you go back to think about what I told you?

Sunny: There is no need to “go back” and think. I can think right now while driving. Thank you; have a good day!

Father, we pray for Sunny to come to know You.

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