Proverbs 3:1-12 Christian parenting

Today’s sermon by Andrew Purchase was a great refresher on Christian parenting. It made me realise that parenting is not just about providing needs. It is addressing the heart and soul of a child. Like a preacher once said, successful parenting brings the child to Heaven; not necessary Harvard. I encourage you to view the recording of the whole parenting series on


  • The responsibility of the parent is to teach
  • Can be father or mother. Prov 1:8. Both voices are vital
  • Parents must not forget to teach. Children must not forget teachings
  • Even if you have no natural children, consider that we are all called to be spiritual parents to Christians, and we may also be future parents

5 key points.

Where is the teaching directed?

What must the parent first pay attention to?

What should be on the parent’s heart?

How to view discipline from a biblical perspective?

What are the promises?

  • Where is the teaching directed?
    • The first revealed secret is knowing where the teaching is to be addressed to – the heart.
    • Successful parenting strike the children’s heart
    • We train the soccer player’s feet, the runner’s legs, and the photographer’s eyes. But parents address the child’s heart.
    • To focus on behavioral change is not addressing the heart.
  • If teaching is directed to the heart, the parent first needs to pay attention to his own heart
    • A swimming coach cannot teach swim techniques if he is unaware of his technique.
    • Who you are before God in the shape of what you instruct your child. Your vertical relationship with God is the basis of teaching your child in the horizontal relationship.
    • Do not worry that your son is not listening to you, but worry that your son is always watching you.
  • What then must be on the parent’s heart?
    • The swim coach knows the intricacies of the swim technique. So must the parent know what should be on his heart
    • Verse 3. God’s Steadfast love and faithfulness.
    • As we trust in God’s love, the parent must first learn to stop trusting in himself. Require you to admit you are helpless and limited.
    • This heart is to be imprinted to the Child through our consistent words and action. – “in all things.”
  • Where does discipline play a role in parenting?
    • Discipline is evidence of God, our father’s love. It is an act of justice and love.
    • We can only know how to discipline Children if we understand the discipline of our Father intimately.
    • Being disciplined is proof that we are loved by the disciplined, and our ultimate Father is God.
  • What are the promises?
    • Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
    • Proverbs 3:2, 3:4, 3:8, 3:10
    • “The Old Testament manifested spiritual blessings in a much more material form, mainly because the church was still in its infancy. Although God still blesses in material ways, the focus of Christ and His Apostles is much more on spiritual and eternal blessings” – Ligonier


It is great to renew my mind with the biblical perspectives of parenting. Without the guidance of scripture, I would be lost. Every one has an idea on parenting. I just thank God for His grace on my life, that I have His word as my ultimate source of guidance. I am excited nonetheless to put these advice into action.

Church: Redemption Hill Church

These notes are a summation of truths taught by the Preacher and my reflections from the sermon. It does not reflect the full message and intention of the Peacher.

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