#5 “From young, I know I am not a good person.”

Today’s conversation gave me a glimmer of hope. I started the conversation by asking him how business is, and Mr. Ong said it is terrible. He used to drive the regular taxi but transited to driving Grab, and he admits that it was much better in the past. Nevertheless, I started to share the gospel.Continue reading “#5 “From young, I know I am not a good person.””

#3 “Don’t worry about me going to Hell”

Today’s conversation was one full of laughter and zest. Mr Lau was just an enthusiastic conversationalist who could not seem to stop. And because of time constraints, I had to interject at crucial points to bring him back to the conversation. It was an interesting one. I boarded his cab with a prayer for courageContinue reading “#3 “Don’t worry about me going to Hell””

#2 Taxi Driver: “Everybody Also”

Had one of my most enjoyable conversations with my driver today. He accepted my call request within seconds, and he was just downstairs upon my booking. That made a great conversational starter. He tells me that in today’s climate, one earns about $10 an hour, not like in the past driving Grab. There are noContinue reading “#2 Taxi Driver: “Everybody Also””

#1 Taxi Driver on Staycation

The conversation started with me asking him if has just started his shift. He told me that he is on a staycation with his wife, spending his Re-discover Singapore Vouchers. He said he was bored and he is not one of those who use the hotel facilities extensively, so he asked permission from his wifeContinue reading “#1 Taxi Driver on Staycation”