Haggai Study

Haggai – Intro

Haggai was an old testament prophet who spoke truth. Join us in this 9- session study through his two chapters hidden in the depths of the Old Testament to see God’s Glory in His Word!

Haggai 1:1-6 Do Not Forsake the Lord

It is easy to forsake priorities in our lives. Some focus on their career and forsake their family. According to scripture, there is one thing you must not forsake – The Lord Himself. Join us in this study of Hag 1:1-6!

1. Forsaking the Lord (v3)
2. Consequence is futility (v6)
3. Re-consider! (v5)

Haggai 1:7-11 Build God’s House

Everyone is building a house or houses. To say you are not is lying. But are you building the right House? According to scripture, there is only one right House! Join us in this study of Hag 1:7-11!

1. Build God’s House! (v8a)
2. Why build God’s house? (v8b)
3. Consequence of not building God’s house (v9-11)

Haggai 1:12-15 God Enables

When we instruct our child to do something, they do. But we are unable to enable them to do so. But for God, it is a different story. When he instructs us to do something, His Spirit enables us to do so whilst we become his instruments. Join us in this study of Hag 1:12-15!

1. Fear the Lord (v12b)
2. Man obeys (v12a)
3. God enables (v14)

Haggai 2:1-5 Be Strong

“Be strong” says your coach when you are on the playing field. God says that through Haggai as well. But why? On the athletic field, the reason to be strong is for ourselves, our glory, our nation, our sport, our people… In essence, it is often about the self (or selves). On the spiritual field, the reason is much more profound. Join us in this study of Hag 2:1-5!

1. The Problem – Sluggishness (v3)
2. The Exhortation – Be strong (v4)
3. The Reason – God is with us (v4b-5)

Haggai 2:6-9 Judgement will come

God does not mince his words. Judgement will come. The question is where will we stand on that day? Join us in this study of Hag 2:6-9!

1. Judgement will come (v6-8)
2. Peace will come (v9b)
3. Glory will be greater (v9a)

Haggai 2:10-14 Futility of Life

Ever felt that your life is futile? Work, save, spend and the next generation continues with it? It is meant to be futile. Scripture says all of us deserve such futility for we are all sinners. The question is do you still want to pursue this futility? Join us in the study of Hag 2:10-14!

1. The Standard – God’s Law (v11-12)
2. The Assessment before obedience (v15b – 16a)
3. The Outcome (v16b)

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