Proverbs 3:1-12 Christian parenting

Today’s sermon by Andrew Purchase was a great refresher on Christian parenting. It made me realise that parenting is not just about providing needs. It is addressing the heart and soul of a child. Like a preacher once said, successful parenting brings the child to Heaven; not necessary Harvard. I encourage you to view theContinue reading “Proverbs 3:1-12 Christian parenting”

Luke 23:18-43 Power of Jesus’ Love

Today’s sermon by Simon was mindblowing and brutally honest for all listeners. Totally worth listening to if you have not. It is about the use of Power and now Jesus perfectly uses His. How do we use our power? If I reflect truthfully and honestly, I frequently use my power and influence in a self-centeredContinue reading “Luke 23:18-43 Power of Jesus’ Love”

Luke 22:63-23:17 Innocence and Injustice

Today’s sermon was a great reminder by Andrew Purchase on the extent of injustice Jesus suffered at the hands of the religious and political rulers of His day, for us. This text’s observation is Luke’s succinct record of 4 groups of people expressing their hatred towards our Lord Jesus Christ. Soldiers – mocked, beat, andContinue reading “Luke 22:63-23:17 Innocence and Injustice”

Luke 22:35-53 The Hour and Power of Darkness

I thank Simon for delivering such a faithful message, speaking directly into my life. Life is full of challenges and sometimes indeed setbacks come on in waves. God’s word in these passages reminds me to process these challenges with the lens of scripture so that I know the truth behind these challenges and their purposes.Continue reading “Luke 22:35-53 The Hour and Power of Darkness”

Luke 22:31-34, 54-62 Peter’s Denial of Jesus

Thank God for the faithful preaching of the word here at Redemption Hill Church. Amazing text today from the Book of Luke. My key take away are: Satan exists. This fact is so clear from verse 31, where Satan demanded from God for Peter to sift him. Satan will sift everyone. There will be tribulationsContinue reading “Luke 22:31-34, 54-62 Peter’s Denial of Jesus”

Luke 21:25-38 Watch for signs and respond

Thankful for the faithful preaching through this sobering text. Lian Arn gave an analogy of sailing and watching the wind. While he was at his sailing lesson, he realized that he could not physically see wind but he could see the signs. After seeing these signs, he needed to respond and adjust the sails accordingly.Continue reading “Luke 21:25-38 Watch for signs and respond”